Any excuse to shop…

Any excuse to shop…

Here at Promo House we LOVE to shop. Oh, and were pretty good at it…

Do you need some extra undercover information collecting about your product/brand/employees and the service that is being provided? If so, then Promo House are here to help! Our Mystery Shoppers are effortlessly cool, completely reliable and always incognito.

Roles of a Mystery Shopper:

  • Gather the information/feedback that you need
  • Take photos
  • Hand out rewards if this is part of your campaign
  • Interact with employees once all information is gathered

Our team of Nationwide Mystery Shoppers can cover up to a number of shops/bars/restaurants/pubs/locations per day or per week depending on the area you wish to cover and how quickly you wish to complete it!

Promo House recently had Mystery Shoppers out in the lead up to Christmas in partnership with Britvic, helping them to identify which of their Mitchell & Butler bartenders performed ‘The Perfect Serve’.

If you think your company/brand/product could do with a little mystery shopping, please drop us a note at or call us 0121 406 6889 and we can discuss your budget and campaign.

Think it has what it takes to join our Mystery Shopping team? We would love to hear from you so please get in touch!

As always until next time keep in touch, keep it real and keep it Promo House!