The Ultimate Exhibition Staff…

Here at Promo House Staffing, we provide exhibition staff up and down the country, most recently for Hearst Live, Immediate Media and Telegraph Events, and we do It rather well even if we do say so!

How to choose the right exhibition staff?


Match the staff to the client. We pride ourselves on meeting our client’s requirements, and this is easy to do because we take time to get to know our staff members, and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

we believe in matching staff to industries they’re passionate about.

As well as choosing promotional staff members based on their experience, reliability and professionalism, we believe in matching staff to industries they’re passionate about. For example if it’s a fitness show that we are staffing, and a staff member is passionate about fitness, then TA-DA… we have a match!

Alternatively, our clients are more than welcome to choose their team. Our online system enables us to send a portfolio of suitable staff allowing clients to select their A Team!

Preparing your team for an exhibition

In the lead up to an exhibition ensure staff are fully prepared and briefed on their roles.

We make sure our staff fully understand what clients require of them at a show.

For large teams, we advise booking an onsite supervisor who will manage the team and give them a full briefing onsite during the first morning of the show.

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When a new client books a large team usually myself or Shelby will take on the role of supervisor to ensure everything runs without a hitch. If a supervisor isn’t required we encourage clients to deliver a brief to all staff onsite.

Top Tips for exhibition success

  • Pick staff who are passionate about the industry you work in (as well as hardworking, professional and friendly)
  • Create brilliant working relationships with your staff
  • Keep staff happy and engaged with recognition for their hard work.
  • At the end of the show, ask staff for feedback on how you could make it better for them and future staff

Got tips?

Share your tips for exhibition success in the comments below, or send them in to – we’ll add the best ones to this post.

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