Dog on the blog

Here at Promo House we’re a team full of dog lovers and we are lucky enough to have our very own office dog, meet Promo Pip ….

According to stress experts an office dog is one of the best ways of beating stress at work, lowering blood pressure and they release the human feel-good hormones and that’s just a few reasons. Here’s 8 reasons why Promo House think every company should have an office dog …

1. They’ll Be There to Greet You Every Morning
Sure, chatting with your co-workers when you arrive in the morning is nice but there’s nothing like seeing a face like Pips to start your day off right.

2. They’ll Remind You That Naptime is an Important Activity
Office pups know that naptime is a great way to re-charge in the middle of the day —and they aren’t afraid to take the shut-eye they need. Pip can often be found cozying up on one of our bean bags.

3. You Don’t Even Have to Pay Them
Office pups are perfect employees. They’ll show up every day with a smile, ready to do their job around the office, and they’ll never ask for anything in return (Although rumor has it that Pip gets paid under the table in milkybar buttons.)

4. They’ll Represent Your Company with Pride
Pups often become the unofficial mascot of companies, but it’s a role they’re perfectly happy to take on. Pip is no exception, she even has her very own custom outfit’s and wears them every chance she gets, proudly spreading the company’s message to everyone who comes to pet her.

5. They’ll Make Sure You Get Up and Move Around
With a dog around, you’ll never again sit at your desk for countless hours without moving a muscle. Pip is always ready to remind her fellow employees that it’s time to go for a lunchtime walk.

6. They’ll Help You Get Your Work Done
Nothing is better than having somebody to bounce ideas off of or to tell your frustrations to

7. They’ll Encourage Office Bonding
Nothing brings people together like playing with a cute pup.

8. They’ll Keep Your Seat Warm
Tired of co-workers sneaking off with your favourite chair? Office guard dogs will make sure to keep it safe while you’re off in meetings—or at least keep it warm. Pip show us how it’s done …