At Promo House, we believe in working hard, keeping busy, and that being focused and looking presentable is the key to success. Promo House always recognise and reward staff members that work hard by throwing them more work and building them up to event managers or onto core teams.

We are constantly welcoming fresh faces to the books, hard workers to the front of the queue please! We are always checking on new applicants. Whether you’re in Devon or Aberdeen, Promo House staff events and campaigns across the country so we want to hear from you.

Here are some top tips to ‘Promo’ yourself:

  • Fill out your profile in lots of detail – the more we know about you, the better! You can breathe fire? Brill. Speak 4 different languages? Right this way. You’re a yoga instructor? Fab!
  • Make sure your profile has loads of info about previous jobs – please make sure you write about what previous jobs in the industry you have done and the experiences you gained from these. If your new to the industry, that’s no problem … write about why you would like to work in for us and why you think you would be good in this industry.
  • Upload some nice smiley photos – we want to see lovely photos, they don’t need to be professional, they just need to be current and a good representation of yourself. If you have photos of you on other campaigns upload those too, we love to see staff in action.
  • Pick up the phone – Once you’ve registered with us pick up the phone, say Hello, introduce yourself.

We hope to see you joining the books sometime soon.

Speak soon

Promo House