Moving Brand Ambassadors to The Web …

It’s no secret that the Internet has changed the Marketing industry, but it’s now all about who has the biggest social following or uploads the cutest Snapchats.

In ‘Promo’ terms, a Brand Ambassador has always related to a staff member who was, for example, handing out packets of the latest new crisps in a train station or staff member giving out free eye test for a new optician. Now don’t get us wrong we still believe face to face promotions are very important for marketing but we also know that these days a ‘Brand Ambassador’ relates largely to someone who has a heavy online influence.

Social Media is where an influential blogger with a big following can bring a brand to life and can advertise products through modern marketing techniques. Many businesses and brands now work closely with bloggers who become a ‘brand ambassador’.

Social media has dominated the marketing world recently—and who can deny the power of a great selfie—but many of these bloggers share more than just pictures. They share posts about their favourite new coconut drink, their new gym wear, codes for taxi companies they use, and this content is all specially designed to create dialogue and interest in the product and post.

Turns out, online product endorsers have more influencing power than celebrities. According to a survey by global communications firm Ketchum it was found that 20 percent of women who use social media are motivated to consider products promoted by or with a blogger they know, while only 13 percent are motivated by celebrity endorsements.

So, this is where PROMO HOUSE come in … we have the staff on our books that have large social media following to engage your product or brand effectively. Let us hand pick you the online endorsers that are completely apt for your target market and let us help you seize these opportunities in the race for online consumer engagement.

If you have a product or brand that you would like to endorse over social media, please drop us a note at or call us 0121 406 6889 and we can discuss your budget and campaign.

Interested in becoming one of our endorsers? We are always on the look of for new staffers so please get in touch too.

As always until next time keep in touch, keep it real and keep it Promo House!