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Why staff are everyone’s biggest and best asset!

The most important asset at your company isn’t something you can put your hands on, it isn’t equipment, data, technology, or property. The most valuable part of your company is the people and at Promo House we are all about people and providing the best of the best so of course, they are our most important asset! This month we have had some successful campaigns out and this is mostly down to the hard work and effort of the staff working out in the field. So, we thought it was fitting that Februarys blog was all about the staff!

And here are our top ten reasons why your people are your biggest asset:

1) They are the forefront of the business
2) They are an extension of a company and any brand they represent
3) They bring our campaigns and events to life
4) They bring good energy to external brands
5) They have a passion for their career
6) Their feedback from onsite is key and helps us to improve
7) They inject fun into the workplace
8) They have the experience across the event and promotions industry to bring their knowledge to any task.
9) They are an integral part of the company’s mission.
10) They share they knowledge. We are always expanding our teams and its lovely to see some of our more experienced staff showing newer ones the do’s and don’ts and helping them.

Our most important moto and something we see reflected out in the field is Happy Staff = Happy Clients. At Promo House we truly believe this should be any companies moto!

Looking to join our team? We are constantly welcoming fresh faces to the books, hard workers to the front of the queue please! We are always checking on new applicants. Whether you’re in Devon or Aberdeen, Promo House staff events and campaigns across the country so we want to hear from you. Please get in touch –

Any excuse to shop…

Any excuse to shop…

Here at Promo House we LOVE to shop. Oh, and were pretty good at it…

Do you need some extra undercover information collecting about your product/brand/employees and the service that is being provided? If so, then Promo House are here to help! Our Mystery Shoppers are effortlessly cool, completely reliable and always incognito.

Roles of a Mystery Shopper:

  • Gather the information/feedback that you need
  • Take photos
  • Hand out rewards if this is part of your campaign
  • Interact with employees once all information is gathered

Our team of Nationwide Mystery Shoppers can cover up to a number of shops/bars/restaurants/pubs/locations per day or per week depending on the area you wish to cover and how quickly you wish to complete it!

Promo House recently had Mystery Shoppers out in the lead up to Christmas in partnership with Britvic, helping them to identify which of their Mitchell & Butler bartenders performed ‘The Perfect Serve’.

If you think your company/brand/product could do with a little mystery shopping, please drop us a note at or call us 0121 406 6889 and we can discuss your budget and campaign.

Think it has what it takes to join our Mystery Shopping team? We would love to hear from you so please get in touch!

As always until next time keep in touch, keep it real and keep it Promo House!

May your days be filled with sparkle and cheer!

So the Christmas period is upon us and Promo House are busy busy busy!

We thought we would quickly show off some of the fab campaigns we have been working on over the last couple of months.

So we kicked off with our Christmas campaigns at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham at their Christmas Shopping Party. The staff missions were to keep customers happy, give out fizz, mulled wine, mince pie and generally add a bit of cheer .. oh and of course they brought a bit of sparkle to the event too.

Promo House has also been busy this month conducting mystery shops for Britvic and we have made the Britvic preferred supplier list which certainly gave us something to be merry about!

We currently have staff out in the following locations conducting the “undercover shops” shhhhh …

  • Nottingham
  • Milton Keynes
  • Luton
  • Derby
  • Northampton
  • Essex
  • Leicester
  • Sheffield
  • Lincoln
  • Bedford

And the list goes on …

On top of this we have had hostesses out at the football clubs, hostesses at awards ceremonies in London, leafleteers out at various train stations in London and registration staff out in Glasgow for a tax conference!

A BIG thank you to all our fabulous staff that have made all the Christmas campaigns a success! Happy Christmas all and look forward to taking 2018 by storm!

As always until next time keep in touch, keep it real and keep it Promo House!

0121 406 6889

Moving Brand Ambassadors to The Web …

It’s no secret that the Internet has changed the Marketing industry, but it’s now all about who has the biggest social following or uploads the cutest Snapchats.

In ‘Promo’ terms, a Brand Ambassador has always related to a staff member who was, for example, handing out packets of the latest new crisps in a train station or staff member giving out free eye test for a new optician. Now don’t get us wrong we still believe face to face promotions are very important for marketing but we also know that these days a ‘Brand Ambassador’ relates largely to someone who has a heavy online influence.

Social Media is where an influential blogger with a big following can bring a brand to life and can advertise products through modern marketing techniques. Many businesses and brands now work closely with bloggers who become a ‘brand ambassador’.

Social media has dominated the marketing world recently—and who can deny the power of a great selfie—but many of these bloggers share more than just pictures. They share posts about their favourite new coconut drink, their new gym wear, codes for taxi companies they use, and this content is all specially designed to create dialogue and interest in the product and post.

Turns out, online product endorsers have more influencing power than celebrities. According to a survey by global communications firm Ketchum it was found that 20 percent of women who use social media are motivated to consider products promoted by or with a blogger they know, while only 13 percent are motivated by celebrity endorsements.

So, this is where PROMO HOUSE come in … we have the staff on our books that have large social media following to engage your product or brand effectively. Let us hand pick you the online endorsers that are completely apt for your target market and let us help you seize these opportunities in the race for online consumer engagement.

If you have a product or brand that you would like to endorse over social media, please drop us a note at or call us 0121 406 6889 and we can discuss your budget and campaign.

Interested in becoming one of our endorsers? We are always on the look of for new staffers so please get in touch too.

As always until next time keep in touch, keep it real and keep it Promo House!

Hostesses with the Mostess

It’s October (spooky season), ok so our last blog was dated JULY …

Welcome to Promo House!

Bringing your visions, campaigns and promotions to life … all under one roof’

What services do we provide?

Brand Ambassadors

A Brand ambassador will represent your brand a positive light. They will help to increase brand awareness and sales. Our brand ambassadors will become an extension of your brand! Our Brand Ambassadors are dynamic, energetic and a friendly face.

Hosts & Hostesses

Our Hosts and Hostesses are there to Meet and Greet guests, ensure they are well looked after, answer any enquiries, give correct directional instructions, ensure glasses are always topped up and be a friendly face to guests. We can provide Host and Hostesses at sporting events/clubs, exhibitions, award ceremonies and more. Our hosting team are extremely well presented, professional and welcoming.

Event Managers

Our Event Managers are there to put your mind at ease. They will look after large teams of staff and ensure your event runs smoothly. They act as the middleman between you and us. Our Event Managers are helpful, pro-active and extremely organised.

Sampling Staff & In-store Staff

Sampling Staff are there to reach out to the public to sample your product to the highest standard. This increases awareness, sales and popularity of the brand. Our Sampling Staff & In-store staff are well researched, confident & outgoing.

Product Demonstrators

Our Product Demonstrators are there to demonstrate your products when you can’t be there to do it yourself. They will act as an extension of your brand and know the product like the back of their hands. Our Demonstrators are knowledgeable, smart and co-operative.


We can provide, Commercial Models, Fitting Models, Exhibition and Fashion Models.

Exhibition Staff – Stand Staff and Show Team

We can provide Exhibition staff in large show teams or exhibition stands. Our Exhibition Staff are there to encourage show visitors onto your stands, hand out promotional literature, promote your company, keep the stand in check and look after your clients and potential clients. Our Show Team’s are there to help visitors around the show.

Costume Characters and Guides

Our Costume Characters are there to represent your brand in a fun & dynamic way. Our Costume Characters are experienced, fun and interactive.

Grid Girls

Our Grid Girls are there to interact with fans, take care of the Motor team and act as a friendly face. Our Grid Girls are professional, well presented and confident.

If you are a client after a quote then please get in touch with us via our ‘Get a Quote’ button, or just give us a call for a chat.

If you are a staff member looking to be part of Promo House then please click our ‘Join Us’ button.

10 Fun facts about Promo House!

  • We have an office dog – Promo Pip – read all about her in our next blog!
  • Our favourite colours are Pink & Green (just in case you didn’t catch on)
  • We ALWAYS eat eggs for breakfast!
  • But we also eat far too many Jammy Dodgers!
  • We have 17 years combined experience in the events industry
  • We drink way too many Starbucks (skinny) Vanilla Latte’s
  • We have a special party trick… although this is best performed after a few glasses of fizz!
  • When not at Promo House HQ – you will find us either working up a sweat in the gym or buying anything CUTE in Zara. Usually the latter.
  • Promo House HQ is always blooming with pretty flowers…
  • Sometimes we step away from our desks and work on our campaigns with our staff. We feel this is VERY important for a number of reasons.

If you are looking for bespoke staffing options for your event, then please get in touch. We promise you won’t regret it.

We look forward to chatting to you.
Promo House

How to ‘Promo’ yourself so you stand out …

At Promo House, we believe in working hard, keeping busy, and that being focused and looking presentable is the key to success. Promo House always recognise and reward staff members that work hard by throwing them more work and building them up to event managers or onto core teams. We are constantly welcoming fresh faces […]

Make your brand stand out …

Never underestimate the importance of having good staff promoting your brand or company. Promotion staff can be an integral part of your marketing campaigns. Here are Promo House’s top reasons for using Promotional staff :

Fab staff are a great marketing tool – Why not use people and face to face advertising as part of your overall marketing strategy? In order to activate your brand and connect with potential customers, it is key to create a marketing campaign that generates excitement and engagement around your key messaging. We have realised that gone are the days where a logo on the side of a race car or on a billboard is enough to connect and engage with consumers … you need more.

Hand Picked staff – Using promotional staff are necessary to engage your product face-to-face with customers. We ensure that we have hand picked the correct staff from our large staffing database that suit you brand and can communicate your messages correctly and effectively.  Promotional staff can consist of models, brand ambassadors, hosts/hostesses and many more. Our staff are considered as dynamic, outgoing and a energetic face for your brand!

Increase Sales – Whether you have staff to give our your new chocolate bar or staff for showing customers to their hospitality boxes. Companies that use promotional staff have heightened customer satisfaction and the engagement leads directly to increased sales.

Catch the eye of the customer – Promotional staff create a buzz around your brand. A promotion campaign can have the power to catch the eye of the target audience and hold its attention till the message is effectively delivered. How you catch the eye is very important and here is where the utility of promotional staff is justified. With a large staffing database we can ensure you have the right staff on your campaign to deliver your brand.

Remember … Promo House bring your visions, campaigns and promotions to life all under one roof, providing:

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Event Managers
  • Models
  • Hosts and Hostesses
  • Grid Girls
  • Online product endorsers
  • Exhibition Staff
  • Registration Staff
  • Front of House Staff
  • Meet & Greet
  • Stand Staff
  • Costume Characters
  • And the list goes on …

That’s all for now folks.It’s actually looking like a really exciting summer for Promo House! We look forward to hearing from you.

As always until next time keep in touch, keep it real and keep it Promo House!

Dog on the blog

Here at Promo House we’re a team full of dog lovers and we are lucky enough to have our very own office dog, meet Promo Pip ….

According to stress experts an office dog is one of the best ways of beating stress at work, lowering blood pressure and they release the human feel-good hormones and that’s just a few reasons. Here’s 8 reasons why Promo House think every company should have an office dog …

1. They’ll Be There to Greet You Every Morning
Sure, chatting with your co-workers when you arrive in the morning is nice but there’s nothing like seeing a face like Pips to start your day off right.

2. They’ll Remind You That Naptime is an Important Activity
Office pups know that naptime is a great way to re-charge in the middle of the day —and they aren’t afraid to take the shut-eye they need. Pip can often be found cozying up on one of our bean bags.

3. You Don’t Even Have to Pay Them
Office pups are perfect employees. They’ll show up every day with a smile, ready to do their job around the office, and they’ll never ask for anything in return (Although rumor has it that Pip gets paid under the table in milkybar buttons.)

4. They’ll Represent Your Company with Pride
Pups often become the unofficial mascot of companies, but it’s a role they’re perfectly happy to take on. Pip is no exception, she even has her very own custom outfit’s and wears them every chance she gets, proudly spreading the company’s message to everyone who comes to pet her.

5. They’ll Make Sure You Get Up and Move Around
With a dog around, you’ll never again sit at your desk for countless hours without moving a muscle. Pip is always ready to remind her fellow employees that it’s time to go for a lunchtime walk.

6. They’ll Help You Get Your Work Done
Nothing is better than having somebody to bounce ideas off of or to tell your frustrations to

7. They’ll Encourage Office Bonding
Nothing brings people together like playing with a cute pup.

8. They’ll Keep Your Seat Warm
Tired of co-workers sneaking off with your favourite chair? Office guard dogs will make sure to keep it safe while you’re off in meetings—or at least keep it warm. Pip show us how it’s done …